So Sick!

Yes friends—I am so sick.  So sick in fact that I actually went to the doctor. Since most of you don’t know me personally, you don’t realize what a big deal that is.  I went to see her and I just knew that I had the plague or something equally devastating.  Nope.  I have a sinus infection and an ear infection?  Really?  How at my age do you get an ear infection?  And how can a simple sinus infection make you feel like you’re dying?  I’ll tell you how, intense swelling and pressure in your face creating a massive headache that doesn’t really go away no matter how much Advil you take, a nose that is so stuffed up that it forces you to breathe only out of your mouth which in turn dries your throat out causing you to cough uncontrollably which then in turn makes your throat hurt and your entire body ache—and forget about getting a good night’s sleep! So, I just have to get through today at work and then hopefully I can spend the bulk of the day tomorrow on the couch just resting.   I’m hoping to be well enough by Sunday to go to one of my older grandson’s birthday party and then another of my grandsons is visiting from Florida so I’m really hoping to be well enough to do that.  It’s all up to the antibiotics now.  Hopefully they work quickly! (Okay so maybe thinking I had the plague was a bit dramatic.)

Now on to crochet news! Here we go my friends—I FINISHED THE CATS!!! Can you believe it?  I know that you all were doubting me—I was doubting myself to be quite honest with you.  I got the cat graph from a shop on Etsy called Yarnaroundhook.  I'm sorry, I tried linking it here, but it is not working.  The "filler" squares, I just did striped sc rows and the same with the borders that I put on each row of squares.  I'm pretty happy with the results even though it is done in seizure inducing colors.  They are my granddaughter's two favorites though.  Let me know what you all think!!