13 Days to Go

Happy Monday my friends! I just love Mondays, don't you?  Okay that's a lie. I'm trying to convince myself that they're not as horrible as I know in my heart of hearts that they are.  Let's see--can we think of anything positive to say about a Monday....well, we're alive.  That's really positive considering that if we weren't, the fact that it's Monday would be the least of our worries.  It's only 13 days until Christmas--I think.  It is the 12th right?  If not, you get the idea. Unfortunately that's not something that can be said about every Monday--just this one.  Just today so celebrate that! ;-)  Now there may be those of you out there that absolutely LOVE your jobs and to people like that I guess Monday doesn't see as bad to them as it does to the rest of us.  I am NOT one of those people.  I despise my job with every fiber of my being!  As George Bailey said--"Cooped up in a shabby little office trying to figure out how to save 10 cents on a length of pipe."  That's my life--shabby little office and all! But again, things could be worse.  
So, is everyone battling the last minute stress of the season?  I am in a BIG BIG way!  My daughter just moved into a new apartment and she's decorating her bedroom in a boho theme.  Which I absolutely love! I love that whole hippy, festival, retro, gypsy look!  Mix in a little bit of beachy surf style and I'm in heaven! ;-)  Anyway, I got this brilliant idea over Thanksgiving weekend that I would crochet her a giant mandala afghan for Christmas to go with her hippy dippy bedroom. So I sat down on November 26th to order the yarn.  No big deal right?   I mean I'm a pretty fast crocheter so I wasn't really worried about time. I figured it would take about a week for the yarn to get here and that would give me 3 whole weeks to finish.  3 WHOLE WEEKS!  I mean to have 3 weeks to complete anything this time of year is a Christmas miracle! Well, a Christmas miracle did not happen.  A week and a half later--on Wednesday, December 7th, I still had not received the shipping confirmation.  A little concerned I emailed the company and inquired about my order--still too soon to panic, I just sent a general email inquiring about the status. I mean it could have shipped out and they just forgot to update the order status--right???? WRONG!  They emailed me back and said that they're sorry for the inconvenience, but due to a large influx of orders, they are experiencing longer than usual processing times!  Okay at that point I was livid!!!!  I mean that's bull and we all know it. I don't care how busy you are, it doesn't take 11 days to ship something out--I mean it's not like they're spinning and dying it themselves!  I think they made a mistake and lost my order and thankfully I emailed about it.  So, I responded to their response--I was pretty angry and not very nice--I'm rarely mean, just so that you all know that.  I subscribe to the theory that you can catch more flies with honey and it usually works--but not this time--my first email was nice.  So, my response to their "Longer than usual processing times" was that it had been 11 days since my order was placed and an 11 day processing time is quite ridiculous and since they haven't been of much help otherwise can they at least tell me WHEN my order is going to ship out?  Do you know what they said?????? They said, "your order is on the packing line and will leave our warehouse in the next 24 to 48 hours."  I didn't eve respond. I mean at this point I was so angry I was speechless.  Don't you think that if you had a customer that had been jerked around the way that I had--this close to Christmas that you would have done whatever it took to make it right?  Were it my company, at the very least I would have shipped the order out the very day that I got the email inquiring about it and would have shipped it out priority at my own expense.  But NO!  I still don't have my yarn.  It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow.  So, tomorrow is the 13th and my order was placed on the 26th.  For those of you keeping track, by the time I receive this yarn, it will have been 17 days since my original order was placed.  Wish me luck that the afghan gets done... I'm hoping to be back again later in the week with a free pattern for you all--I just rambled on too long today that I need to get moving now.  Have a fabulous week my friends and Godspeed on all of that Christmas crochet! Peace!