Wine and Chocolate

Today’s post finds me a little frustrated.  I have been working on an afghan for a little boy and I have ripped it back and started over not once but twice now!  And I was pretty far along on it both times!!!! The first time I was following the pattern and I had about 8 inches done and it had taken a really long time just to get to the 8 inches so I’m like if I stick with this stitch pattern this thing is not going to be done by Christmas! I know—right???? So, I ripped it back and changed up the stitch pattern a bit—not really paying any attention to gauge or anything because it’s a blanket for goodness sake—how much could gauge really matter???? Well, I hate to admit this but on this particular blanket pattern gauge does matter in a really huge way!!!! When the blanket is done it has a little hood and tiny little hand warmers. My husband is looking at this thing the whole time I’m doing it and finally he says, “How big is that thing supposed to be? You realize the kid’s not even going to be 2 by Christmas right????” Well I did realize that, but I was so engrossed in changing the stitch pattern that I didn’t really notice that a 36 inch wide blanket had all of a sudden morphed to 53 inches wide!!!! This time I had about 25 inches crocheted on the length and once again, I ripped it back.  Altered my starting chain and I’m back to the 25 inch mark once again. So, for those of you taking notes, my blanket started out being absolutely perfect, just slow! Then my second attempt, found a blanket that will probably have fit Shaq by the time it was done.  Now with my 3rd attempt I’m hoping that I reach my intended goal of having a 36” x 40” blanket by the time I’m ready to start working the hood.  Please keep your fingers crossed that I don’t have to do any more ripping back as it’s starting to give me a stomachache. I have crocheted enough on this thing to make an entire blanket--probably two!  I dread the thought of leaving work to go home and face this dull grey yarn. Right now it’s dull grey yarn—but I’m hoping that it is going to be something amazing by the time I’m done!

What’s not so amazing is my mood. Do you ever have one of those days where you just want to be left alone by everyone? I’m having that day today. I felt like my work day was never going to end and then I was having a really difficult time being civil to everyone there. I try to be a kind and gracious person at all times, but let me tell you—there are some people who just really push the boundaries of my kindness and my patience.  I have had a couple of those days.  Now I find myself, not wanting to crochet on a boring grey blanket. I find myself wanting to lock myself in the bathroom and soak in a tub until I’m a complete prune.  Oh and I want a bottle of wine in there too!  And maybe some chocolate!  Oh well—perhaps we’ll save the long soak, the wine and the chocolate for another day. I really need to work on the dull grey blanket. ;-( Such is life—at least such is my life. Have a great week my friends!