Yes my friends, I am outraged.  Yesterday, a coworker and I decided to walk across the street to McDonald’s for a quick lunch. Now, to give you some idea of where I work and what I was doing, the McDonald’s is across a side street off of the main retail area in our town.  It is a two lane road with a center turning lane.  The main retail street is a 4 lane street, with a right turn lane and a left turn lane—so at the corner you have 5 lanes of traffic to get across.  So, my friend and I were crossing the street in the middle because one, there are only 3 lanes to get across and 2 the crosswalk is almost a block out of the way, and a police officer stops us right in the middle of the road—we’re in the turning lane waiting for him to pass before we can continue across (he was the only car coming) and he scolded us for jay walking! REALLY????? There are not more important, more heinous things going on in this town that you have to worry about two middle aged women crossing the street????  Now let me say this—I know that I was breaking the law. I understand that and I’m not disputing the fact that I probably should have gotten a ticket.  What I am disputing is 1—don’t stop us in the middle of the street—you are just increasing our odds of being hit by a car! 2—we were both old enough to be this child’s mother! So that really added insult to injury.  He was maybe 25?!?!  But you know how that goes, once you hit 40 everyone looks like they’re 12 years old.  3—I work right across the street from the high school and I’m pretty sure that there are probably drug deals that go down in my parking lot in the mornings when I get to work—and you’re going to worry about my jay walking???? 4—this was a plain clothes officer.  If I had seen it was a police car I wouldn’t have crossed the street till he had passed—I’m not an idiot after all. But that takes me back to number 3—you are a plain clothes officer. Park yourself on my work’s parking lot in the mornings and try to prevent some dangerous crime!  5—next time just write me the ticket.  All your lecture did was really tick me off to the point that I felt the need to blog about it.  Here’s the thing, my friends, the town that I live in probably has a population of about 30,000 people. So we’re a pretty small town.  We are however right across the river from one of the most crime ridden cities in the country—St. Louis.  Unfortunately, heroin is an epidemic in this county.  Not just my town but the entire county.  And all of that being said, I’m finding it really hard to understand how two middle aged women jaywalking is something worth taking up an officer’s time for and really how you can justify spending the money for a plain clothes police officer to worry about jaywalkers in the first place. Let’s face it, I’m 47 years old and have been crossing streets by myself for probably about 40 years.  The fact that I’ve never been hit by a car I think speaks to my expertise in this area. So, my friend and I have two options now—either stop going to McDonald’s or walk the block out the way to the crosswalk to cross the street—which I contend is more dangerous than crossing in the middle.  Stay tuned for the decision! HA! Enjoy the rest of the week my friends and if I don’t get another post up between now and then, have a lovely holiday weekend!