See Ya Later Summer

Good morning, my friends!  It's Friday! I am so excited by the prospect of having two days off without any plans!!!! We do have a dinner with friends planned this evening, but after that there's nothing on the books!  I am going to stay home and sew on some of my Christmas projects and hopefully John and I will carve out some time to discuss a vacation that we want to take in October.  We still haven't booked anything, but I'm hoping to get that done Saturday. 

Then there's work...UGH! What can I say about a place that sucks every last bit of life out of me????  I have a friend at work and we're really quite close.  We lunch together every week and talk all of the time, and she dropped a bomb on me 2 weeks ago--she is retiring.  Next Friday is her last day.  I am so happy for her but so bummed for me.  She made an unbearable place bearable.  But if I could, I would retire too. So, I wish her the best and hope that she enjoys her retirement immensely!

Now, let's move on to the weather!!!! As you may or may not know, I live in the St. Louis area.  Now, living in the STL my entire life, I have learned that there are two things you can count on--one that the Cubs are the enemy and two, the weather in July and August is HOT! We should be at the very least in the mid to upper nineties right now.  However, the weather has certainly let me down this summer. We had 1 or 2 weeks of temps around 100 which made for great pool days, but ever since the heat wave snapped, it hasn't really gotten out of the seventies.  Maybe a few eighty degree days, but not warm enough to swim in the pool!  So, that being said, even though I can't count on the weather, I'm still pretty sure that the Cubs are the enemy! :-)  Is there any better rivalry in baseball than that of the Cardinals and the Cubs?  As rivalries go, it has got to be the most respectful, civil one out there! Although, I will shoot a dirty look at someone wearing a Cubs shirt in the store during the pennant race! HA!

Well, friends, that's all I have for now. I'm hoping to be back in a few days with a free pattern for you. Until then, have a wonderful weekend and whatever part of the world you're in, I hope that you are enjoying some pool time because we're not here!!!!