In Keeping With The Christmas Theme

Happy Sunday, Friends!  I hope everyone is having a relaxing and productive weekend so far. Mine has been productive if not so relaxing. :-)  Yesterday morning I got up really early and made the second half of my brother's Christmas gift. So, now I will pick up a gift card to some sort of hipster store for him and he's completely done. One gift under my belt.  :-)  Then after I finished that I ran up to Joann's and bought some more lining fabric for these Christmas gifts. Then to lunch, then to Home Depot for paint for the bathroom mirror. (we've done a minor remodel on our master bath)  Then to Walmart for zippers.  Yes! I know I should have picked them up when I was at Joann's but did you know that a simple all purpose zipper at Joann's is $2.99 and at Walmart they are $1.77????  Since I needed several it was worth the extra stop.  Plus Walmart is right next door to Home Depot so it's not like I was going out of my way. :-) Oh and then John and I also went to lunch and a stop at the farm stand.  By the time we got back to the house it was after 5 and it was time to call it a day.  So that's when I sat down on the couch and started working on the doll again.  I think she's looking better than the last attempt. I'll see soon enough.

Now, onto today's free pattern. It's an adorable Christmas ornament entitled December 23rd.  Santa has picked his suit up from the dry cleaner's and it's hanging waiting for him to put it on to take his long journey. This would make a great gift for an ornament exchange or a perfect little package topper. I love this pattern! Enjoy my friends! And have a great rest of the weekend! Peace!


December 23rd

Designed by Lori Baker


Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread

1 ball Perfect Red

1 ball Bright White

Size 4 steel crochet hook

Large paper clip

Large eye sewing needle


Row 1:  With red, ch 27, sc in 2nd ch from hk and each rem ch across. Turn. (26 sc)

Row 2:  Ch 3, dc in same st, work 2 dc in each rem st across. Turn. (52 dc)

Row 3:  Ch 3, dc in next st across. Turn.

Row 4:  Ch 3, dc in next 7 sts, sk next 9 sts, dc in next 18 sts, sk next 9 sts, dc in last 8 sts. Turn. (34 dc)

Rows:  5—9:  Ch 3, dc in next st across. Turn. Fasten off at end of row 9.


Rnd 1:  Join red to bottom of armhole, ch 1, work 16 sc even around, join to first sc.

Rnds 2—6:  Ch 3, dc I next st around.  Join to beg ch 3. Fasten off at end of round 6.

Rep for other sleeve.

Body Edging

Rnd 1:  Join white at back of neck, ch 1, sc evenly around, join to back loop of first sc.

Rnd 2:  Ch 2, working in BLO, hdc in next st around, join to top of beg ch 2. Fasten off.

Rnd 3:  Rejoin to free loop on rnd 1, ch 1, sc in same st, ch 3, *sc in next st, ch 3, rep from * around, join to first sc.  Fasten off.

Sleeve Edging

Join to rnd 6 of sleeve and work rnds 1—3 of body edging.


Rnd 1:  Ch 37, sc in 2nd ch from hk and each rem ch, join to beg sc.  (36 sc)

Rnds 2—4:  Ch 3, dc in next st around, join to beg ch 3.  (36 dc)

Divide for legs

Rnd 5:  Ch 3, dc I next 17 sts, join to beg ch 3. (18 dc)

Rnds 6—8:  Ch 3, dc in next st around, join.  Fasten off at end of round 8.

Rejoin to first unworked st on round 4, and repeat rnds 5—8.


Work rounds 1-3 of coat edging on each leg.

Bend large paper clip into the shape of a clothes hanger and place in coat.  Sew coat together at front opening.  Sew pants to coat on inside at round 6.