Good morning, my fellow crocheters! It's Friday!!!!  I am so happy that the weekend is almost here. I just have to get through a few more hours at work and then I'm free for 2 glorious days! :-) We don't have anything planned this weekend.  I think John is going to try and get the flooring put down in another room and I will probably work on Christmas gifts.  Sunday Audrey is going to come over and spend a couple of hours.  I'm not sure what we're going to do yet. We're either going to go shopping or we'll stay here and I'll let her paint or something. I'm going to leave it up to her.  

I was flipping through a crochet magazine the other day and was feeling very discouraged by some of the designs.  They all seemed so OLD.  Like something a grandmother would wear or make.  Then I remembered--Oh wait, I am a grandmother.  But if I'm a grandmother, and I have no interest in making some of the things that crochet publishers are putting out there, am I the exception or the rule?  I feel like crochet like anything else has to move forward with the times or it is not going to stay relevant.  That is a great fear that I have is that it is an art form that is going to die because we haven't been able to harness the energy and attention of younger people.  My own granddaughter--whom I would give anything if she would let me teach her to crochet but has shown absolutely no interest in it whatsoever--said to me the other day, "Can't you just go buy a crochet sweater at the store?"  I felt so betrayed!!!!! My response was "Yes I can, but it wouldn't be this crochet sweater."  She just looked at me as if I had grown two heads or something. You know the way that children look at you and you can just see that they're thinking, "And grown-ups are supposed to be so smart."  Even when I started making clothes for her American Girl doll with my yarn and hook, she still wasn't interested in learning how to do crochet.  She loved the doll outfits, but had no desire to make them herself.  I've made her sweaters, and dresses, and doll clothes, stuffed animals, blankets, etc.  Almost anything you can think of that may interest a young girl.  She LOVES everything I make for her, but it has not awaken that urge to pick up a hook and give it a go.  Even the seizure inducing cat afghan that I made for her last Christmas didn't do it and she went absolutely crazy over that.  
So, I am at a loss my friends.  If doll clothes and kitty cats will not get a young girl interested in learning to crochet, I don't think there's a lot of hope!  If any of you have any suggestions on something I might try, please let me know!!!!!  Right now I'm just crocheting as much as I can when she's here and not  mentioning anything about her learning to do it, hoping that she will one day just decide she wants to learn.  Let's also challenge ourselves to start putting more modern patterns out there.  I'm not saying to do something ridiculous and futuristic, but something that is fashionable and current and above all else, something that will keep us relevant! 

Have a great weekend my friends!!!!!